Kris Minor debut release on Self Conscious Music @Kris_Minor
Songs Produced by Super Miles @Super_Miles except 1,6 being Kris Minor and Super Miles and Track 3 being Kris Minor
All Songs recorded at Self Conscious Studio @selfcons
All Songs Mixed by Dalton Smith @thedannyfantom
Executive Produced by Dalton Smith and Miles Franklin
Artwork by Zach Minor

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#SBCDAT Long Live Lacy!

A friend of mine recently passed away his name was Jordan. I don’t want his musical dreams to fade so R.I.P baby boy. PASS THIS AROUND and maybe it can reach Tyler the Creator he was a huge Fan of ODD FUTURE. TO maybe be sampled.


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CHECK OUT Chakkra tara 

I’m really feeling this.

- PT 

The 17 year old Emcee drops off a joint called “Seasons Of Eden” alongside the UK native Catherine-Sera. An ode to the producer, you may call it. An expressive piece of poetry needed to be played more than once.

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As usual Power 106 always catches an Exclusive.  Well word is,  well not word but truth! Yes,  Justin Bieber is retiring!  I am just as shocked as you guys. At the age of only 19 Justin has decided to part ways with the industry. His journals will most definitely be his last album so he says. Hopefully he gets himself together and resurfaces he really is a good artist it would be ashame to just give it up. Looking like his mentors Will Smith and Usher may need to talk to this kid.


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New Future ft Miley Cyrus. If you weren’t really feeling Miley Cyrus rapping Well here she is singing it up. I’m actually digging this Miley voice really shows & in a crazy way she blends with Future.  Check it out.

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OVOXO’s Drizzy Drake made a big move. Signing a huge deal with the Jordan brand. His OVO logo will be featured on Michael Jordans line. He is officially taking over doing something not many other artist thought to do. It is a accomplishment in it’s own for  Drizzy. In the words of Drake “it’s a celebration, Clap Clap Bravo.” Look forward to them soon. 

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New Dope Hip Hop. TDE very own Kendrick kilt this even though he’s a feature he made the song live. Don’t get me wrong Freddo go hard to. Check it out.

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Artist: Party Next Door

Song: Wild Bitches


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Wild bitches telling lies.


dope amazing song.

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PARTYNEXTDOOR - Break From Toronto

PARTYNEXTDOOR has to be my absolute favorite since The Weeknd. I recommend his Mixtape to anyone and everyone who loves Drake. Check out his video for Break From Toronto, Which samples Miguel- Girl With The Tattoo.

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No intro needed, teen pop sensation Justin Beiber pretty much did it again. I tell ya one thing Justin done grew up. Drake and Chris brown rubbing on him as far as sound.

I absolutely love this song, he came in and instead of a pop or techno type sound he kept it kinda R&B’ish. Sounds like something Drake would have mad himself. Check it Out.

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