Some of my favorite ladies such as Amber Rose , Teyana Taylor, Rosci, && Claudia Jrdan are among amber in this epic Gang of roses…..

Minority woman running with guns in the 19th century Wild Wild West. Set It Off 2k11

Not since Waiting to Exhale, nay, For Colored Girls, nay, God, Send Me A Man, have I ever seen such an ensemble cast of world-class masters of their craft assembled on one set. The YouTube descriptions say it all: Amber Rose is “SURPRIZING.” Rocsi is “AMAZING.” The Google Me Chick is “ACTING” (and checking for I’m not sure what on her gun). Never have I seen a movie achieve such spot-on porn-level acting and cinematography while eschewing the actual nudity and sex – which only get in the way of the emoting and character development that makes those films so popular in the first place. I don’t know about you, but I’ve always dreamed of a medium in which I can watch Amber Rose talk, while having on as much clothes as possible. This is truly a delight. Watch all of the previews for this acting tour de force and tell me how any of these ladies can be denied consideration come Oscar time.
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