"Leaks are typically never a good thing to deal with…it’s even worse when it’s your major label debut. A$AP Rocky has been regarded as one of the hottest young rappers to come along in quite some time. His first project, “LIVE.LOVE.A$AP” was a runaway hit of sorts, spawning the heaters “Peso” and “Purple Swag.” Then came “Goldie” and “Fuckin’ Problems,” which only increased the anticipation for his debut release. When the full album leaked in December 2012, many had the opportunity to digest the music a full month before it was scheduled to hit the stores.

That’s the bad news. The good news is that listeners were treated to great music early. The two aforementioned singles are a small piece of Rocky’s overall vision. The title track kicks off the album and sets the tone sonically for the LP. The album is full of highlights. “Fuckin’ Problems” is an all-star joint, with 2 Chainz, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar all delivering great verses. International star Santigold shows up and assists on “Hell,” and the results are impressive as well. “1Train” is the true standout for the posse jam, though. With Kendrick one-upping his performance on “Fuckin’ Problems,” and Joey Bada$$, Yelawolf, Danny Brown, Action Bronson, and Big K.R.I.T. all going in with the 16s, that joint is truly a problem. “Wild For The Night” is a dubstep infused jam that sounds a bit out of place, but not really, because A$AP sounds just as comfortable here as he does on any of the other joints. The momentum does slow down toward the end of the regular LP, with “Phoenix” and the excellent “Suddenly” closing the tracklist out. The production is, for the most part, cohesive. producers like Hit-Boy, Skrillex and Danger Mouse provide the Harlem native with some spaced out, chopped and screwed boom-bap-esque backdrops throughout. It’s hard to imagine just reading it, but trust me, it works.

The fact that the LP leaked so early sucks, but the fact that the music is so potent is a plus. LONG.LIVE.A$AP is a strong effort and the first great album of 2013. As far as projects go, A$AP Rocky is 2 for 2.

-Reg Young”

Credits to IMFG


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